Georgina is a classically trained pianist, arranger and orchestral composer who 
excels at creating magical, whimsical, comedy, horror and deep drama for film and TV.

TV shows that currently feature Georgina's music include Access Hollywood (NBC), Real Housewives of Miami (Bravo), What Not To Wear, Say Yes To The Dress, Toddlers & Tiaras, Cheer Perfection (all on TLC), My Big Redneck Vacation (CMT), Candy Queen (PGTV), Texas Women (CMT), Una Maid en Manhattan & Rosa Diamante (Telemundo). 

Georgina’s music has been used for a promo for "The Mentalist", an NBC Sizzle Reel, a TV game show in the AEU, a TV Theme in Spain, commercials for Disney’s jewelry line and Lynx golf clubs, among many more.

Motion picture credits include “I’m With Lucy” starring Monica Potter, and several indie films including “Playground of Dreams” (Golden Gate Artist Films).  

Georgina St George
Music for Film, TV & Media

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Elegant Cultured Pearl   2:52
Contemporary, piano & orchestra 

Temptation Tango 1:30

A sultry, seductive tango. Strings, with passionate solo violin and female voice.

Rockin' Blues  1:00

Fun, upbeat, hand-clapping rockin' - great little toe-tapper

Please contact  if you would like more information about licensing this music for film, TV or media, or if you would like to have Georgina custom-write music   for your project.

To view the whole Paint Chips catalog, click on the link below:

Classic Black   1:00

Simple, elegant, sophisticated piano etude a la Chopin.

Sleuth In Socks  1:30

Curiosity gets the better of him.  Clumsy, clueless and accidentally clever perhaps? 

Fantasy Solace
Gentle, floating orchestral fantasy.

Georgina's catalog of music called "Paint Chips" is inspired by the idea of a paint sample brochure.  Each piece of music represents a color, making it easy to find the mood you're looking for.  Paint Chips are used in numerous TV and radio commercials, online games and apps.  

Click here for a selection of Paint Chips available for license.

Georgina's music is quickly available for commercial and media use.  Please contact if you would like  to license something you hear - or if you would like a custom track. 

Crystal Ball White 1:50
Conjures images of glittering fairy folk, Cinderella stories and magical dreams.

Men In Uniform
Percussion-driven build up, with male shouts and powerful brass.

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